Why Write?

A long time ago a spire wanted to be an author, that was me and writing the pinnacle of what was then thought could be achieved by me.

My first book is published and second on the way, is it my plan to sell to you, not really. To garner interest though is difficult and my plan is hopefully to slowly do that. First a little IT widget “a DMZ was crafted in soul made of garland.”

Peace and goodwill!

A little teaser to illustrate my writing style, it is left-handed as my writing has always been and difficult for many in a mostly right handed world.

“Let us suppose something large sat looking forlorn at the sky, to assist it a teleport suddenly opens on sights grand, allowing it to see a far off land.
A speck on the horizon appears in time arrears, an altered state it has, changeling it be needing to sail beyond the sea. Suddenly so suddenly something large arrives but in many different size, lessons learned from the little speck making it somehow a fleck.
Across horizons vast altered states not made to last, teleports operated so to get from here to go, where you will end who will know.”

This is left-handed, it does not read backwards but discusses something unusual, it is a topic like my writing and hopefully will garner a little interest.





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