PAUONH – Behind The Scenes

A compromising position is usually unless one seeks notoriety one that is not desired as public information, it in many cases will prompt a fib, and those trained with or without substances designed to win Olympic gold can detect such a fib.

PAUONH is what will be termed a Solzhenitsyn, it has a defect, that being it was created to the strains of Shostakovitch in a country not its native home.

As an Amateur University and of Natural History, not a Solzhenitsyn, PAUONH needed a geographic locale. The choice was made to use Russian space and Petrograd sings to the tones of Shostakovitch without defect.

The position of compromise, or positions as my life is a litany of such, resulted in the aftermath of a catastrophe where this person ‘lost their faculties’. As it is a university that contains faculties it was decided the process of rebuilding would use this type of institution as its base.

We are a writing school, with many defects, to prevent the need for substance and the push for gold as we do not belong as a nation or national entity simply an individual who decided to learn or learn as best as they can.



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