Left Handed Dyslexia

In music doing things in concert was instrumental in creating fabulous sound, rock music of course shifted the ground somewhat for me as doing things in concert was of less concern than getting people concerted, Strange Days for some but magnificent for others. Even Graceland marked a stage that gyrated and pulsated yet doing things in concert was not to me part of that emergence.

A person with little ability to do things in concert, who space and outdoor living eventually provided velcro to overcome early issues with lace, decided to write.

When lace seems like a lasso, writing follows the same pattern, until velcro or another medium remedies the issue. Left handed writing is a style that is not and cannot be in concert with others, it is lace mixed with basil and thyme making fawlty towers.

Funny thing though, for me it raised the bar and a lasso sits near an old laced up pair of boots, in concert and redolent of the left-handed dyslexic that took their character and made it its own.

That is how things get done in concert, left-handed and as notes.


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