A One Blog Gamer Site

A One Blog Gamer Site

A meeting was called between the groups and a rough agreement marked as The CMA Apricot Accord marked out.

As this was completed a new group that offered ‘Chant Training’ had opened not far from The Guest House this a way of it was hoped integrating traditional and shamanic ritual and ways into the culture of the colonial culture within that land. There were several different classes and even some thoughts of preparing a ‘text book’ although this seemed unnecessary for Chant based ways rather than more complex colonial forms.

There was also a degree of public outcry after a competition referred to as “Get Randy” ended up in a witch hunt, and then became a scene from “Vampire hunts and pitchfork days!”

This due to the efforts of a certain Black playboy and his friend Marion in the middle of Germany, the pair more than Randy that meaning in a mood to engage in sexual conduct or at least minor frippery. The efforts of the two causing several daughters to report them to their parents in the locale.

“Get Randy” the sign read, this on an envelope that asks “does your foot size really mark a penal length?” It was like a children’s joke, and sent marked “The New Black Mail Syndicate” and affixed with a stamp Captains Bridge, 3Phone Token. It was so typical of my life these days. If the bad wolf and her teeth were as asymmetrical as this one can only wonder at the size of Grannie. Poor little red riding hood, she should have told Granny to cook her own breakfast and signed up as test pilot in softball.

As we followed all this another parcel was delivered by our android friend marked “Wirra Scroll”, and the parcel contained images of a grand hall in Jordan The CMA Library charts showed, in addition to a stamp marked “The Feisty Magician.”

Once again we would need to study the scroll and its nature before forwarding it to Wirra which was located within our library of charts.

This should be all you need to know about me!


NB: those looking for the PAUONH Underground map need to locate the Underground Office, tragically collapsing in a Chino-Colombian Fireworks Plant Disaster.

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